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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 12:23 PM UTC

Artifacts To Cool Down Your Home

Environmental IssuesPanama, a tropical country used to copying many things from other countries, has not turned its sight to Cartagena, where authorities are using crowns or wind fans to cool their homes.

The wind fan is placed on the roof in order to help fight the heat that overwhelms the city.

The idea came from Pablo Obregon, president of the foundation Mario Santo Domingo, who saw the efficiency of the similar equipment used in industries in Barranquilla to decontaminate chemicals in their warehouses. The antler movement is produced by the wind merged with the hot air from the ceiling, making the cold wind prevail.

The wind ventilation system, besides being an energy saver, allows to cool domestic and working environments.

The engineer Manlio Pezzano Molina, manager of the company ‘Tecnología de Enlace’, pioneer of this system in the Caribbean side of Colombia, says it has many advantages; besides the fact that it does not consume energy.

This is not an air conditioner, said Pezzano. The purpose is to try to equalize the internal temperature to the external temperature in the shade.

In Panama, the current construction parameters are not at all beneficial for the current energy crisis in the country. Few windows are installed with inappropriate sizes which prevent good air circulation and the entrance of natural light, structures with low ceilings that accumulate heat and other features that require the use of air conditioners.

The Panamanian Chamber of Construction (CAPAC) has already addressed this matter recently at the CAPAC Technology Event of 2013. (Critica)

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Artifacts To Cool Down Your Home
Authored by: coquina on Sunday, May 19 2013 @ 10:43 PM UTC

Am I missing something? Those turbine vents have been used in the US Southwest for as long as I can remember, I'm going on 72.