Sonda Is Apparently Complying With The Contract

Wednesday, May 22 2013 @ 06:29 PM UTC

Contributed by: Anonymous

Roberto Henríquez, Minister of the Presidency, said today on Telemetro Reporta "apparently" the company in charge of bus cards, Sonda, has complied with the thousand recharging stands for the metrobus cards which was required in the contract, whose term had expired on Monday.

Henríquez said the control points is given in two ways, through the Transit Authority and the Sonda company itself.

According to Henríquez, they are at the verification stage and in the coming days, they will announce the results of this novelty, and they are also contacting the company on a daily basis.

On the other hand, he said all contractors of the Metrobus system are up to date and 80% of the stops are built in addition to the pay zones, which are under construction.

Sonda claims to have opened 1,400 points.

About replacing Daniel Guerra, Henríquez said a foreigner will be the new manager but he did not reveal the man's identity. (Dia A Dia)

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