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Tuesday, June 25 2019 @ 03:30 AM UTC

Benzadon is Appointed As The Director Of The Authority Of Transparency And Access To Information

CorruptionPolitical sectors and the civil society questioned the appointment of Abigail Benzadón as the director of the Authority of Transparency and Access to Information.

The Vice President from the Popular Party, Teresita Yániz de Arias, said the appointment "is a joke" because, in her opinion, Benzadón has proven to have no independence of judgment or action at the National Council of Transparency.

"What is at stake here is the subordination of certain officials to the Executive Branch’s will, which perverts the institutional structure," he said.

Meanwhile, Angelica Maytín, from the International Transparency Panama chapter, said they have no knowledge of the official’s resume. In addition, her appointment is not surprising at all because Benzadón and her team developed the law that created the Transparency Authority.

The panamenista Alcibiades Vasquez said the appointment will only be until the end of this presidential term, because if the Panamenista party wins they will take her out of the position.

The Cabinet Council approved, in favor of the National Council of Transparency against Corruption, the total of $4 million to assist the V Conference of the States, part of the UN Convention Against Corruption and the Seventh Conference of the International Association Against Corruption, which will be held in Panama from the 22nd to 29th of November.

The delegate from the Panamenismo, Jose Luis Varela, said even though he does not know how this money will be invested, he believes it is questionable that the institution, who has not said anything about the corruption scandals it seems to be involved in, would want to spend this amount of money to promote itself as if it is doing its job. Meanwhile, Herbert Young, who led the National Council of Transparency against Corruption between 1999 and 2000, considered this amount is not justified. (Prensa)

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