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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 10:57 AM UTC

First Wind Farm in Panama

Environmental IssuesBy September, Panama will start using wind power when the first phase of the wind farm in Cocle starts operating.

According to the director of the Panamanian Wind Union, Rafael Perez Pires, the first power generators arrived in Panama a few weeks ago and they are waiting for the port in Colon to be unoccupied to unload them and move them to the province of Cocle.

He said that so far, the construction of the park is going according to plan and they are expecting it to be completed before July of 2014.

He said they will have to test the generators to ensure they are working properly before they start producing energy. (Dia A Dia)

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First Wind Farm in Panama
Authored by: ChiefEngineer on Sunday, May 26 2013 @ 01:47 AM UTC

This will turn out to be a national embarrassment and a scandal of taxpayer gouging to fill pockets of the few well connected. For the naive, usually casual and low information citizen, certain stubborn facts must be made known. One, ratings of wind turbines are given at the utmost efficiency, which is a constant wind speed. The real average kilowatt or power rating of wind turbines is usually about 18 percent of this pie in the sky rating. Two, wind turbines are installed usually away from metro areas and must be installed where the wind blows most consistently. This could be in scenic areas. This remoteness of location necessitates long power line connections to the place where the energy will be used. Three, alternating current is the result of a rotating inner pole piece and outer pole magnets. The precise rotational speed produces 60 cycles per second. Since wind turbines rotate at variable speeds, the constant frequency must be maintained by electronic, i.e., "artificial" means of manipulating the cycles produced. This results in complicated control and loss producing power. The effect of variable frequency on the power grid which needs to maintain 60 cycles per second can effect sensitive electronic control and other equipment. Recently in Germany, such fluctuations in frequency and voltage destroyed sensitive factories' control and monitoring equipment, costing millions. Engineers in North Europe report that the problems caused by wind and solar power on the grid are enormous. Four, no matter how many wind, solar, and hydro capacity you build, YOU MUST BUILD THE SAME AMOUNT IN THERMAL OR NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS. The reason for this is elementary: the sun won't shine, the wind won't blow, the rain will stop, AND it is a certainty that in the future, all of these will happen at once, simultaneously. Five, wind and solar are so expensive to build and operate, they can only exist with public money subsidies. In other words, the government has to divert funds from other expenditures-thus resulting in raising of taxes-or electrical bills must be increased for this boutique, fashionable, but impractical power source.

First Wind Farm in Panama
Authored by: ducati on Sunday, May 26 2013 @ 12:21 PM UTC

There is considerable negative reactions to the installation and use of wind farms in Canada. A great many Canadians across the country say the wind turbines are the source of their physical and mental sickness..something they only experienced after the wind powered generators were installed and operating. The people complain about the noise. And, the devices are ugly and a blight on the landscape: definitely visual pollution.

First Wind Farm in Panama
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, May 31 2013 @ 11:09 AM UTC

Panama has fallen into the same trap as Europe and Canada. It is an inefficient system. Having been an engineer for over 40 years and seen the results of these systems I am appalled that they are still in use. The pseudo science that the politicians use to convince governments that these will work is bunk. They work for a very local area such as a house or a farm but only if they are backed up by traditional power. This is as stupid an idea as "global warming". The pockets of a very few will be lined and the turbines will be relegated to junk in a few years. Oh yes, and don't forget the thousands of beautiful Panamanian birds that will be killed. Stupid, dumb idea that the misinformed think is great.
I agree with the two writers above.