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Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 08:39 PM UTC

Many Protected Areas in Panama Don't Have A Management Plan

Environmental IssuesFew protected areas in Panama have a management plan to ensure their protection and sustainable use of natural resources.

Data from the National Environmental Authority (ANAM) show that the country has 105 protected areas and only 23 of them have their respective management plan.

These reserves represent 40% of the country, i.e. 3 million 578 thousand 479 hectares that must be preserved.

One of the clear examples of this situation is the province of Los Santos. Of the 14 protected areas established in the area, only one has a management plan to establish guidelines for its use.

The former head of ANAM Legal Department, Harley Mitchell, explained one of the reasons for the delay in the formulation of these plans is its price. "The cheapest management plan costs around $60 thousand," he said.

This year, the Executive Branche reduced ANAM’s budget, compared to the one they had in 2012. Last year they had $40 million assigned and in 2013 they only got $30 million. Almost everything went towards their operation.

Jose Polanco, from the National Association for the Conservation of Nature, said the management plan is important because it gives the guidelines for the proper use of the areas. (Prensa)

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