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Tuesday, June 25 2019 @ 11:54 PM UTC

10,000 Foreigners Try To Migrate In Panama

Immigration IssuesAbout 10,000 foreigners in Panama have signed to regularize their immigration status during the eleventh process "Crisol de Razas" organized by the National Immigration Service (SNM) today, an official source said yesterday.

The conference will be held in the Roberto Durán arena, Panama City, until June 3, and involved "all foreign nationals with more than a year of living in the country without immigration status," the SNM warned in a statement.

Outsiders, in order to be served, must have a booked appointment via the Internet, a mechanism established to ease the process, which also requires the intervention of a lawyer.

In Panama there is a "large number of foreigners in irregular migratory status," says the Government, so the mechanism makes it easier to obtain legal residency and a work permit in order to protect their rights and is taxable and listed on the social security system.

Also in this period, the foreigners, which were previously hosted the regularization process and have an expired migratory license, have an opportunity to participate, with the ease to conduct a second renewal for a residence permit for ten years.

According to official data, in the ten previous regulatory processes, which initiated in 2008, 30,513 foreigners have benefited with this.

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10,000 Foreigners Try To Migrate In Panama | 1 comments | Create New Account
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10,000 Foreigners Try To Migrate In Panama
Authored by: Captain on Tuesday, May 28 2013 @ 03:32 AM UTC

Great, for this event the office of the immigration at Porvenir, Gunayala (San Blas) is closed- without notice as from today to the 3rd of June..... Office hours Monday to Fryday from 08.00am to 05.00pm were announced, but every other day, as I want to enter or leave Panama the office is closed and the position deserted!!!

PORVENIR is an official Port Of Entry to Panama and it seems that Major Rios does not care about the regularity of the service executed. The entering and leaving Tourist is reminded to the term "Banana Republic" as the lack of seriousity to the service hours is frequently realised.

Is there no way to explain, that office hours are to be executed, regardeless of other events, where the local officers prefer to dance? For years the services worked fawlessly, as the local imigrationofficer left his stamp to other goverment representatives to stamp passporst in his absents. Now the new respnsible officer refuses to continue this practical modus stating two month ago:" now we are going to care about strict office hours" and to be more absent then ever...