Panamanians Presented Projects To The NASA

Saturday, June 01 2013 @ 02:48 pm EDT

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A group of Panamanian specialists attended the open innovation event "International Space Apps Challenge" sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This group was congratulated by the Authority for Government Innovation (AIG).

The purpose of this event was to present several proposals for software solutions involving the dissemination of science and technology.

The projects of the Panamanians are being evaluated by the NASA at the time.

Among the projects presented by the nationals is the project BRAINLY, which is a mobile application for the challenge "My Virtual Mentor", a program that allows students to interact with engineers, astronauts and NASA scientists with the aim of motivating them to pursue careers focused on the area of Science, Engineering and Mathematics.

The space agency is considering this option to use it in its summer program in the United States and will be available for smartphones and tablets.

Another application presented, which is 100% Panamanian, is the "WEWIT" defined as "Smart Cities", where a team of physicists, computer programmers, software engineers and mechanical engineers, developed a method for users to determine thermal and environmental sensations in different places of the city of Panama, through the GEORED platform from the AIG and it locates all the information, with the purpose of issuing alerts in the case of extreme or high risk situations.

A very interesting application was the project E-CHICKEN, which seeks to address the challenge of poultry production in residential yards. The purpose of this system is to help farmers and residential producers to improve their knowledge in poultry farming, providing information on the registry of expenses, breeding results and benefits; besides the construction of a community of poultry farmers to help promote sustainable agriculture. (Panama America)

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