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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 09:01 am EDT

Customs in Panama Seized Approximately $200,000 in Less Than 24 Hours

Crime & PunishmentCustoms officials from the Tocumen International Airport in Panama seized 170,346 dollars in less than 24 hours from a Panamanian and an Ecuadorian who arrived at the airport separately, according to the National Customs Authority (ANA).

In the first case, the inspectors retained $155,226 from a Panamanian who arrived to the country from the Dominican Republic and offered $5,000 to the officials as hush money, according to the statement from ANA.

The money withheld from Panamanian, unidentified, was found in a false bottom of one of his bags he passed his luggage through the scanner.

In another similar case, ANA officials from the airport of Tocumen seized $15,120 from an Ecuadorian who was coming from his country, and was hiding the undeclared money in a backpack and a suitcase.

Panamanian law requires that all travelers entering the country must declare any amount exceeding $10,000 in cash or securities and failure to do so may result in the seizure of the money and in customs penalties. (Panama America)

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