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Tuesday, September 17 2019 @ 09:31 pm EDT

Homosexuals Are Not Included in The Bill 551

Law & LawyersThe Bill 551, on adoption, which was approved yesterday during third reading by the National Assembly, excludes couples of the same sex for the eligibility of adopting children, as confirmed by Gloria Lozano de Diaz, director of the National Secretariat of Children, Youth and Family.

She sustained this measure by pointing out that just as marriage between people of the same sex is illegal, their good practice guidelines bans them from adopting children as well.

The deputy Marilyn Vallarino, advocate of the proposal, said the Act 61 of 2008, which currently governs the topic on adoptions, is very tedious and involves a long process. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: I would like to see this Bill, particularly to learn how it handles adoption of Panamanian children by foreigners.

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Homosexuals Are Not Included in The Bill 551
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, June 08 2013 @ 05:14 pm EDT

Don, Matt Hedspeth here from Clamor del Corazon Ministerior a los Ninos (you help me with the HIV med crisis). Our foundation has been working on this adoption law for three years trying to change the old (very stupid) one, which is accredited to Rosaria Correa (PRD), former director of SENNIAF. On Monday or Tuesday I will have the finalized law in hand, then I will respond with everything pertaining to your comment on International Adoption. We were at every National Assembly meeting.

I will state for now one aspect of foreign adoption that hasn't changed, and that is if you are a foreigner living in Panama AND HAVE YOUR PERMANENT RESIDENCY VISA, the government treats you the same as a national citizen and you would basically have a domestic adoption, which takes much less time. In this type of adoption, the child will have a Panamanian passport with your last name. The tricky part comes when you want to move back to your home country and get your adopted child citizenship. The Hague Convention states that you must live IN COUNTRY for TWO YEARS after this kind of adoption before applying for citizenship to the adoptive parent's home country. The citizenship process in the USA, for example, takes around five years! My wife and I have done this kind of adoption twice here in Panama, and US Embassy gave our son a 6-month multiple entry and exit VISA that expires (but easily renewed) in five years, so we can pretty much come and go to the US and Panama as we please.

If you do not have a permanent residency VISA in Panama, you can apply for International Adoption, but you must go through an accredited adoption agency in your home country, and you must reside there. Like I said, I will respond with the facts on International Adoption Monday or Tuesday.

Our foundation helps Panamanians and foreigners go through the process of Adoption and Foster Care at NO CHARGE. We have been working very hard for five years trying to change and improve this process, and we have a great relationship with SENNIAF. So please pass on our info to anyone interested in Adoption or Foster Care in Panama. We would love to help more people understand the orphan situation here, and how you can help.