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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 08:31 am EDT

Aguadulce is Turning into A Dangerous And Violent City

Crime & PunishmentViolence takes over the streets of the city of Aguadulce. Murders, assaults and shootings between rival gangs of young people are registered constantly, maintaining the population alarmed. The citizens request the authorities to intervene and control this social problem.

In less than 15 days there have been several homicides. One of these events was the murder of a young newspaper vendor who was shot dead in the city. Days later, on Friday, June 7, a 54 year-old man, dedicated to the business of purchasing gold, was also shot to death.

Until then, all these cases were involved with common crimes and gang wars, and many of the citizens could even see young people carrying guns around. However, on Sunday, two young men between 19 and 20 years old, on bicycles and with their faces covered, started shooting at a pickup driven by Jorge Herrera, president of the Association of Municipalities of Panama and representative of Los Barrios Unidos, while he was carrying a group of young people who participated in a sporting event in the neighborhood of Los Marineros.

Due this incident, Rafael Estevez is still in the hospital of Aguadulce after he was hit by a bullet in one hand. Fortunately, the mayor Herrera came out unharmed. The Public Ministry is conducting the investigations to find those responsible for this assault.


Julio Botello, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Aguadulce and Nata, complained about the surge in violence in Cocle, which has been increasing for over two years, with many shootings and robberies in the areas of Rio Hato , Anton and Aguadulce, as well as other horrible crimes such as the murder of the former governor of the province, Darío Fernández Jaén and the businessman Paul Carrizo Arango, both in Penonomé.

"Business owners are terrified about this situation, to the point they are thinking about installing more surveillance cameras and getting together with the National Police to start with the program “Vigilant Merchants” he said.

To Botello, one of the most serious problems in Aguadulce is family disruption, for which there are no programs directed by the government or the authorities to focus on resolving the issue.

So far in 2013 in the province of Cocle there have been 13 homicides, out of which 6 took place in Aguadulce. (Prensa)

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