Owners Of Hangars Do Not Refuse To Leave, But They Want Compensation

Wednesday, June 12 2013 @ 02:44 PM UTC

Contributed by: Anonymous

Silvio Guerra, attorney of the owners of the hangars in Diablo, said that according to Article 9 of the Torrijos-Carter Treaties these people could continue using the land where they live, subject to reasonable payment for the property.

He said there were documents consisting of lease payments and all basic services usually paid for a home.

He also said the residents do not refuse to leave the place, but they want to receive a compensation for the improvements they have made.

According to Guerra, the former Foreign Minister Jorge Ritter said a bunch of lies because these people have right over the lands and requested him to stop saying things he has no clue about and about things that are still valid.

Meanwhile, the attorney and local resident, Marcos Ostrander said the former government of the Canal Zone gave out formal licenses with documentation.

"The Canal and the ACP are untruthful because they have the documentation of the residents who have lived there for over 30 years," he stated. (Panama America)

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