Project Governing The Maritime Activity Was Approved in Third Debate

Friday, June 14 2013 @ 04:44 PM UTC

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The National Assembly approved on Friday, June 14, the Bill No. 613 during third debate, which governs work on the sea and waterways. The Bill received 36 votes in favor and 7 against.

The project says 75% of the shares in the companies providing auxiliary maritime services must be owned by Panamanians.

With the proposal, 90% of the crew of those companies involved with foreign maritime service must be formed by Panamanians.

They also approved Bill No. 612 on third debate, which reorganizes the Board of the Maternal and Child Hospital José Domingo De Obaldía.

The special sessions in the National Assembly are now finalized with the approval of these two draft bills. (Estrella)

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