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Tuesday, March 26 2019 @ 12:52 PM UTC

Educating Panama About Recycling Will Take Some Time

Environmental IssuesIn the Coastal Beltway you can see different trash cans classified for recycling, however, this waste is treated like the rest, without going through a special process.

Enrique Ho, manager of the Authority of Garbage Collection (AAUD) explained recycling has not really started in the country but he is aware of this and knows they must educate the citizens and this will take some time until it actually happens.

He also said people do not respect the distribution of waste marked in the trash cans for metal, paper or plastics, this is why they are beginning to educate students in elementary schools and creating groups to carry out this task.

"We have talked with some of the recycling companies; some of them want to see how we can use the different platforms to make it more visible. However, we do not want to get into so much stuff at the same time when we still need to solve the issue on garbage collection in the city," said Ho.

Cerro Patacón

After the fire in Cerro Patacón, which caused several situations through its surrounding areas and in the entire city, Ho said "all is well" in the Cerro Patacón landfill and the third phase of the landfill has already been started by the company Urbalia. S.A.

He also said they reached an agreement with Guna Nega who refused this third stage, however, according to Ho, the landfill is "working perfectly fine in every aspect." (Panama America)

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