The Suspects In The Homicide Of The Former Governor Of Cocle Were Sentenced To 41 Years In Prison

Wednesday, June 26 2013 @ 05:12 pm EDT

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The five suspects in the case of aggravated homicide of the Governor Darío Fernández were sentenced by the Court of Cocle to 41, 38 and 33 years in prison, and were also charged for illicit association for criminal purposes.

These are the higher penalties ever achieved by the Public Ministry within the new Adversarial Criminal Justice System, which has been applied in the Second Judicial District since September 2, 2011.

According to the judgment No.14-2013, issued by the Court of Cocle, through a reading of the judgment, the sentences were issued as follows: 41 years and 3 months of prison for Julian Alfredo Nouvet, 38 years of prison for Joel Antonio Guerra and Miguel Angel Arner García and 33 years of prison for Deshy Quiros and Mayra Hall Conte.

In addition, they were also banned from carrying weapons for 5 years after serving their time in prison.

On May 29, the Trial Court convicted five of the six defendants with charges of aggravated murder and illicit association for criminal purposes and absolved Carlos Bárcenas.

These sentences were set after the Trial Court carried out an analysis of all the judgments, by individualizing each of the defendants and their connection to both crimes.

The trial took around four weeks, and from the Public Ministry the fiscals Roberto Moreno, Leonardo Paul, David Mendoza and Alexis Medina were present through the entire procedure, who were working together with a team of investigators, psychologists and assistants. (Critica)

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