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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 04:53 am EDT

100 Pounds Of Snapper Were Seized Due To Illegal Fishing

FishingOne hundred pounds of snapper were seized as a result of illegal fishing in the protected areas of the Gulf of Montijo, specifically in Cebaco Island in Veraguas, as stated by Alejandra Blasser, regional director of the Authority of Aquatic Resources of Panama.

Blasser said a boat operated by minors had fishing gear banned from being used for this type of fish.

The officer said the parents will be punished with fines of $500, however, the trammel nets seized during the operation will be returned.

The ARAP director said this institution does not have the intention to argue with the fishermen who do this for a living, but they must respect regulations.

This seizure was conducted in conjunction with the National Air Service, because the ARAP’s boats are being repaired.

The official said the SENAN is patrolling the area every three weeks; but once they have their patrol boats back they will do this every week to prevent illegal fishing and thus protecting those marine species in danger of extinction. (Estrella)

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