Evidence From The Homicide Case Of Aira Guerra Is Missing

Saturday, June 29 2013 @ 02:23 pm EDT

Contributed by: Anonymous

The chips from several cell phones used as evidence in the homicide case of Aira Guerra have disappeared from the Public Ministry.

Therefore, the prosecutor Luis Martinez made a report about the event and sent it to the Attorney General of the Republic, Ana Belfon.

A total of seven cell phone SIM cards were lost, according to a judicial source aware of this case.


Meanwhile, the Superior Court of the Third Judicial District of Chiriqui confirmed the arrest warrant against Edwin Oldemar Avila, Alvaro Samudio’s boyfriend (Rolando Samudio’s uncle, who is kept under custody at the public jail of David).

Avila requested bail, but the Court in response said the First Superior Court of Chiriqui’s decision is legal.

Avila said he was innocent and he never met Guerra, stating he is only involved because he is Alvaro Samudio’s boyfriend. (Prensa)

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