\"Reto Canal,\" First Online Game Launched By The Panama Canal Authority

Tuesday, July 02 2013 @ 09:00 pm EDT

Contributed by: Anonymous

"Reto Canal," is the first online game launched by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), aimed to teach facts about the Canal through the social networks.

In order to play it, you must access the link reto.micanaldepanama.com or through the website of the Panama Canal in Facebook, http://facebook.com/canaldepanama.

Basically the game asks you questions about the Panama Canal, and you must answer them correctly to go through the locks.

Jorge Luis Quijano, administrator of the ACP, said the institution wants young Panamanians to understand the importance about the Canal through its history, operation, expansion, its contribution to technological development and environmental conservation. (Panama America)

My own opinion

The game first lets you choose the type of vessel you would like to use through your journey, and then they start asking you questions about the Canal to test your knowledge and you get three tries before you lose the game. You will start going through the locks once you get the questions right. It's not much like a "game," but losing everytime really makes you want to play again. I think I've just learned a thing or to myself by playing this. The downside of this game is they only have a Spanish version, I hope they eventually give the option to play it in English.

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