The Public Prosecutor Is Investigating The Deaths Of Two Agents From The National Police

Saturday, July 06 2013 @ 03:31 pm EDT

Contributed by: Anonymous

After the death of two agents of the National Police, the agency informed this Saturday, July 6, that the case is being investigated by officers of the Public Ministry (MP).

According to the reports of the National Police, a second lieutenant and a sergeant died after receiving multiple gunshot wounds in the San Miguel Arcangel hospital, in San Miguelito.

In the incident both the second lieutenant, Alberto Murillo, and the sargent Aracelis Aranda were killed.

At the moment, the Lt. Melquiades Rodriguez is kept under custody by the MP for this case. However, it was not clear what the relationship between these three agents is.

Aranda, according to the National Police, was currently on duty at the hospital, while Murillo and Rodriguez had their day off.

The National Police this morning regretted the loss of these agents and reminded everyone that the investigations are handled by the Public Prosecutor (MP), “therefore, we will be fully cooperative in anything these agencies require to resolve this case." (Prensa)

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