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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 08:25 am EDT

Pellegrini: "I Have The Truth On My Side"

Crime & PunishmentMayte Pellegrini, the main suspect for the financial fraud to the detriment of Financial Pacific (FP), regretted the country had a Government that “does whatever they want.”

"They [the government] think they have me in their hands, but I have the truth on my side,” said Pellegrini during a statement she gave to TVN.

Pellegrini has said the government should stop putting their hands in the trial conducted against her by the Second Criminal Court. The president [Ricardo Martinelli] is putting his hands in the record, she said.

But she said the Panamanian people are not stupid, blind, deaf, or mute; and in the end, they will understand everything.


Pellegrini said she is the only woman in prison for this case. However, she said her mother and stepfather are under house arrest. The rest have received other sentences.

She also said she has been threatened, as well as several members of her family: "I have been threatened several times," she said.


Pellegrini said she has been at the Woman’s Rehabilitation Center since March 1st. She shares the same prison cell with three other women.

She also said she has no right to go to the backyard or library, and she has to ask for permission to go to the doctor, she said. “Apparently, they don’t want me to have contact with anyone. Why? I don’t know,” she said.

She thanked the media, because she said they do a better job than the Prosecutors and the Judges. “I am not fighting for myself but for the truth,” she stated. (Prensa)

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