Cabinet Council Approves Amendment To The Crimina Code To Punish False Alarms

Tuesday, July 09 2013 @ 09:16 pm EDT

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The Cabinet Council endorsed today, Tuesday, the draft law No. 058-13, which adds a provision to the Criminal Code in order to punish false alarms that disrupt public order.

Members of the Cabinet authorized the Minister of Public Safety, through the draft Cabinet Resolution No. 125-13, to present the bill to the National Assembly.

The bill explains that currently, threats or false alarms are being experienced, with the purpose of causing fear in the airports, seaports and land terminals, causing deployment of the security agencies, which come to assist such emergencies, causing loss of time and money, as well as traumatizing the population.

However, this situation is not regulated in the Criminal Code in force in Panama. "This bill seeks to establish under the Criminal Code this type of conduct to punish it in an exemplary manner, because currently the courts canít proceed against those actively trying to cause panic, terror or disturbance in the public order."

The bill states that "whoever tries to disturb public peace by causing panic, terror or fear in the population or any segment thereof, by providing false information about the existence of radioactive material, gun, fire, explosive, biological or toxic substance or any other means of mass destruction or element that has that potential, against the living, public services, property or things, despite not being involved in its execution, shall be punished with imprisonment from six months to one year." (Prensa)

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