Prosecutor Talks About The Threats Made By Pellegrini

Friday, July 12 2013 @ 08:14 pm EDT

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The Public Prosecutor revealed details about the investigation of Financial Pacific to TVN, among these details are accusations of extortion from one of the main subjects involved in the case, Mayte Pellegrini; however, her lawyer denies this fact.

Meanwhile, the Thirteenth Prosecutor of Circuit, Julio Laffaurie, revealed that Mayte Pellegrini threatened him through her former lawyer Mauricio Zeballos if they wouldn’t change the interim measures applied in her case.

During the exclusive interview, the Attorney General of the Nation also revealed they are currently investigating a call from Pellegrini threatening the former Attorney General and current Judge, José Ayú Prado.

The Prosecutor said the crime for stealing 18 million dollars was already credited, however he abstained himself from saying whether or not Pellegrini pleaded guilty.

Both the Attorney General and the Prosecutor talked about the assets seized from Pellegrini, and according to them she could not justify this.

Meanwhile, Zulay Rodríguez, Pellegrini’s lawyer, filed a complaint before the Public Prosecutor due to violation of her client’s rights, which includes not being able to present evidence; however, according to the Prosecutor, Pellegrini extended her statement 7 times, and at that time she could have presented her evidence. (TVN)

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