Seldon Lady Leaves Panama And Returns To The U.S.

Friday, July 19 2013 @ 04:39 pm EDT

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The CIA agent from Milan Robert Seldon Lady, who was allegedly arrested in Panama and is required by the Italian justice, left the Central American country and is back in the United States, said the spokesman of the U.S. State Department, Marie Harf.

"I know he is on his way or already in the United States,” said Harf in their daily press conference.

She decided not to give any further details related to Lady’s case, who is sentenced in Italy for kidnapping Abu Omar in the capital of Lombard in 2003.

He also avoided specifying whether the U.S. is in contact with the Italian authorities on the case.

According to Italian media, the Minister of Justice of Italy, Anna Maria Cancellieri, has signed for the provisional arrest of Seldon Lady and he now has two months to request extradition.

Panama’s police authorities were consulted and confirmed on Thursday that they have no information or knowledge about the arrest of Seldon Lady in their country.

Out of the 26 CIA agents convicted in Italy for the kidnapping of Abu Omar, Lady has an international arrest order.

Abu Omar was detained as he was leaving his home by agents of the CIA and taken to Egypt, where he was imprisoned and tortured, according to his report from 2007.

This was the first case from the "CIA flights" tried in Europe and despite the Letters of Request sent to the U.S. by the Italian Justice, the intelligence service agents from the country never showed up to testify. (Panama America)

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