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Saturday, April 20 2019 @ 06:35 AM UTC

Families Gathered With Their Pets At The Causeway To Defend Pitbulls

Animals & PetsMany people joined the international movement against a law about having pitbulls as pets. This was a family event in which pets were the main characters.

Pitbulls of all ages were taken by their owners to the Causeway. They marched supporting other countries where the authorities want to introduce Law 158 regarding the prohibition of introduction, possession, breeding, purchase and sale of this breed.

Different pitbull clubs and families walked with their pets, where they showed how good these dogs were and how it all depends in how they are raised. Some of these pitbulls were even adopted to be the companions of children.

After the recent incident where a woman died after a pitbull attacked her, breeders explained any race can be violent, it depends on the education they receive, and if there are people using these dogs for fights, they must be sanctioned.

It was a walk where the owners had a good time with their pets and showed how they were part of their families too. (TVN)

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