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Thursday, May 23 2019 @ 05:09 AM UTC

First Wind Turbine Is Installed At The Wind Farm In Penonome

Environmental IssuesOn Monday August 5, the first wind turbine was installed at the Wind Farm in Panama, located in Penonome, Cocle.

The total of wind turbines is 88 from the brand Goldwind, which will be installed with the purpose of strengthening and increasing the security of the electric system of the country.

The investment for this project is approximately $450 million and will allow the generation of 220 MW of clean energy that will provide electricity to over 100 Panamanian families, according to the Panamanian Wind Union (UEP), in charge of this project.

The ceremony event was attended by President Ricardo Martinelli, who talked about how important the project was to reduce the cost of energy.

The Wind Farm in Penonome is the first project of this kind in Panama, and will be the biggest project all across Central America, turning Panama into the leader of wind energy in the region, and the project will start operating in 2014.

75% of the energy of the wind farm in Penonome will be generated during the months of the dry season between December and May. (Panama America)

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First Wind Turbine Is Installed At The Wind Farm In Penonome | 3 comments | Create New Account
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First Wind Turbine Is Installed At The Wind Farm In Penonome
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, August 06 2013 @ 01:59 AM UTC

wow what a bargain... a mere 4.5 Million dollars invested for each of 100 families to provide them clean energy. Helluva deal, folks, step right up and piss away your money on 'green energy' Hmm, let's see at an average of $50 a month for existing energy costs it would only take about 90,000 months to show a return on the investment ... (for the arith imparied, a 90 year old person has lived 1080 months, so this is something on the order of 83 lifetimes! ) There has got to be a better way, than this.

First Wind Turbine Is Installed At The Wind Farm In Penonome
Authored by: ChiefEngineer on Tuesday, August 06 2013 @ 06:55 PM UTC

What a great deal!!! 450 million dollars (the official figure, you know), for 100 families, with 75 per cent of its output in only 6 months of the year!!! This is an important milestone for the cronies and insiders that sold this Rube Goldberg to the Government, and ultimately to the Panamanian people. The actual useable energy from these bird killers is less than 20% of what is given. When the wind blows, it produces, but when the wind stops, it produces grid instability because the power has to be made up instantly, which is difficult unless the other power sources are gas turbines or diesel engines running at less than optimal load. It will take 70 years at least before any break even point is reached, in terms of paying down the cost, and the amount of total pollution, incl. CO2 is evened out.

Watch your electric bill in the next couple of years go up faster than inflation due to these, natural gas gen. plants, solar power.

First Wind Turbine Is Installed At The Wind Farm In Penonome
Authored by: panamadreamin on Wednesday, August 07 2013 @ 06:55 PM UTC

There must be a mistake. 220MW of electric from wind tubines to only power 100 homes?
Here are numbers provided from wind energy facts:

How many homes can a wind turbine power?

"A single 1 MW turbine on land can provide enough electricity to power 225 to 300 households. A single 1 MW turbine in an offshore wind farm, where the wind blows harder and more consistently, can power more than 400 households,."

So the actual number of homes powered should be more like 49,000 to 66,000 homes. That's more like it for a multi-million dollar project.