The Panama Canal Is Preparing To Celebrate Its 100 Years

Thursday, August 15 2013 @ 12:16 pm EDT

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The Panama Canal Authority published the logo they will use to identify the different celebrations organized for the Centennial of the Panama Canal. They also detailed the main activities they will develop in August 2014 when the Canal turns 100 years old.

During the speech, the administrator of the ACP, Jorge Luis Quijano, said they will highlight the qualities that make the Canal an international symbol.

“We celebrate the Canal’s centennial with our mind set in the future, for the first time in its history we Panamanians are responsible for deciding upon the future of the Canal, with full sovereignty of this waterway.”

He says this future is marked by the Canal expansion. While the logo was revealed, the loud sounds made by the ships that were going through the Canal at the moment served as the perfect background.


Despite the competition that may arise after the construction of other Canals, the Panama Canal represents more than a simple waterway letting ships pass through. This was stated by the Ministry of Canal Affairs, Roberto Roy, today, Thursday August 15 of 2013, on the 99th anniversary of the official inauguration of traffic through the Canal.

“Panama is much more than a Canal; it is a whole logistics system that has been working for a really long time,” he said.

In this sense, the official said they are working on creating new ports, which will definitely increase the amount of infrastructures in the country. He also said they have not finished the expansion of the Canal, which will be finished by April 2015. This project is valued in $5.2 billion dollars.

“Panama is a country in development… It did not only receive the canal with no debt whatsoever, but also 100% of its income goes to the Panamanian State, which has contributed in the development of the country,” he said. Approximately 14 thousand ships and 5% of the world trade goes through the Canal.

Meanwhile, the administrator of the ACP said the expansion is well under way. Quijano said he is fighting for the cost of the project not to go up.

However, he said this is impossible because the cost of fuel always goes up as well as the cost of materials they are using in the project, such as steel. (Prensa)

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