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Sunday, September 22 2019 @ 07:51 am EDT

The Bahamas Deported The Cubans That Were Granted Asylum In Panama Back To Their Country

Immigration IssuesThe Cuban Exile Community in Miami (Florida); Democracy Movement, announced the Government of Bahamas deported 24 refugees to Cuba that were arrested in this country, even though many of those had already received approval of asylum in Panama.

"In a deceitful action and with the intention of hiding human torture, the prime minister of Bahamas, Perry Christie, surprisingly repatriated 24 Cubans back to Cuba, many of those had already received a visa to travel to Panama,” said the organization in a press release.

The Democracy Movement accused Christie of “breaking his word with the intention of hiding that these citizens were severely tortured by a group of custodians” from the Center of Detention of Immigrants in Nassau, Bahamas.

Last Sunday, the Panamanian Government granted “territorial asylum” for humanitarian reasons to 19 undocumented immigrants, arrested in the aforementioned prison, after receiving the request from the group.

This announcement was parallel to the commitment from the Government of Bahamas of ending with the abuse to undocumented immigrants who arrive at this nation, most of them from Cuba, and this had already been reported by several exile organizations in Miami.

Two Cuban activists went on a hunger strike as a pressure measure against the authorities from Bahamas; this strike ended on Monday.

These two Cubans were requesting the Bahamian authorities to investigate the events and to punish the officials responsible for abusing the arrested individuals.

One of the activists in the hunger strike was Alexis Gómez, who recorded with a Smartphone the images published a few months ago through the Internet in which an official from this penitentiary center in Bahamas was “kicking one of the prisoners.”

The end of their exile mobilizations and the hunger strike of the two activists, the announcement of Panama of giving asylum to the Cuban arrested refugees in Bahamas and the commitment of the Bahamian authorities of ending with the physical abuse of undocumented immigrants seemed like a happy ending that never happened.

In fact, on Wednesday, the Cuban-American congressman in Florida, Mario Díaz-Balart, had thanked the Panamanian Government for granting asylum to these 19 undocumented Cubans who were arrested in Bahamas, a zone of transit for many undocumented immigrants towards the United States. (Critica)

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