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Tuesday, March 26 2019 @ 11:58 AM UTC

Protected Area In Darien Is Being Sold

Environmental IssuesThe Serranía Bagre in Darien declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO and a biological corridor is being sold and devastated by politicians who are managing possessory rights and property titles on this zone.

Between invasions and sold and parceled lands there are over one thousand hectares with owners –according to the calculations made by the neighbors of the area– who have destroyed the forest for crop cultivation and cattle raising.

One of the identified sellers is Milciades Araúz, who was running for Mayor in the Democratic Change (CD) in Chepigana, Darien.

For less than $300, Araúz sells each hectare in this zone of inestimable environmental value and assures that he guarantees its certification.

Araúz was the running mate and supporter of María Sugey Blanco –who wanted to be deputy for the CD–, the current director of the National Authority of Land Administration (Anati) in Darién. She was also the director of the National Environment Authority (ANAM) from 2010 to 2011.

The Anam investigated Araúz for invasion in Bagre, during the management of Blanco, but it had no repercussions on him: he and his relatives occupy lands, claim rights, offer them and multiply the lots.

The complaints started four years ago. In the Public Prosecutor there is a file in which officials from the Anati and Anam are mentioned due to complicity. (Prensa)

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