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Tuesday, March 26 2019 @ 12:04 PM UTC

Conservation Program Allowed The Birth Of 135 Hawksbill Sea Turtles

Environmental IssuesThe conservation of endangered species of sea turtles has been supported by several organizations, which have done a great job in preserving these species.

In Donoso, Colon, 135 hawksbill turtles were born, specifically in Playa Rincón, thanks to the surveillance and protection of a nest by a group of marine biologists from the company Minera Panama. Also, 35 turtles were found in San Roque.

These species were protected until they hatched and were released in the shore. Currently, Minera Panama is supporting the Project of Conservation and Surveillance of Sea Turtles with technology and financially speaking as well.

The Director of Corporate and Environmental Issues of this company, Alberto Casas, said the turtles were counted, measured and released in the sea so they could continue with their normal life cycle.

Since the nest was detected, they started conducting the necessary mechanisms to keep these species safe during all of their phases, according to Casas, Minera Panama in their Socio-Environmental Impact Study have established plans and projects focused on maintaining a positive balance in Biodiversity in Donoso.

Currently, hawksbill sea turtles are in critical danger of extinction. Hunters roam around their nests to do crafts with their shells and eat their meat; also, polluted waters, unplanned fishing and coastal projects affect their lifespan. (Telemetro)

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