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Tuesday, April 23 2019 @ 10:08 PM UTC

Parents Reject The Action By The Police On The Students

Schools & EducationThe president of the parents club of the National Institute (IN), Carlos Rivera, rejected the way the National Police (PN) acted upon their entrance to the school, after receiving an order from the Education Ministry (Meduca) and arrested over 50 students.

"They took students that were in the middle of class, both good and bad, they took innocents; I despise the attitude of the National Guard,” he said.

He said it is quite interesting that the officials from the Meduca assure they have identified criminal bands but are not acting legally.

Rivera says “it seems the intention of the educational entity is shutting down the school.”

On the other hand, the vice minister of education, Mirna de Crespo, said the education center will not be closed because there is no time to recover class and it is not fair to affect the students due to the acting of third parties.

Earlier, the second lieutenant and chief of Minor Police, Erlin Miranda, said a total of 59 students were arrested and 5 of them were adults. He said those who were arrested were found with evidence linking them to the protests (masks and hammers).

Regarding the use of force applied to arrest the students, she said it was necessary because they were resisting. “The Meduca and the education center made this request because the students were assaulting people,” she said.

Some tried to escape, but the fast action of the police prevented this from happening.

On the other hand, Antonio Cañate, chief of security of the Meduca, said there was no other option tan authorizing the PN to enter the school and arrest the students.

He said the arrested students will be processed by the Minor Police. Several people were affected by the tear gas. (Panama America)

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