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Tuesday, February 19 2019 @ 04:56 PM UTC

Panama Said Goodbye To The Opportunity Of Going To The Brazil World Cup In 2014

Sports SectionIt took only two minutes for the United States to kill Panama’s dream, defeating the team 3-2 on Tuesday night, preventing Panama from going forward in the preliminary rounds for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

When the referee announced the end of the game, the Panamanian captain sat on the grass and cried. The striker from the U.S. team, Terrence Boyd, approached him and hugged him.

This last season was probably the last opportunity of Blas Pérez, Luis Tejada, Gabriel Gómez and Jaime Penedo of ever going to be in the World Cup due to their age.

Sadness, tears, disappointment and hugs was the result of this game in the field, at the stands of the Rommel Fernández, in the streets and at the homes of fans, after the Americans turned the game around.

The country was completely disappointed as they were so close to hold the ticket to the next match against Nueva Zelanda. Once again, during the final minutes the convenient result was not well handled and they tied during the additional time and moments later they scored their third goal.

The scenario was ideal because Mexico was losing against Costa Rica 2-1, something that Panama needed, but they couldn’t take advantage of it.

The team led by Julio Dely Valdés went up in the scoreboard twice; at the 18th and 83rd minute. The U.S. team scored one goal on the 64th minute and two more at the 2nd and 3rd minute of the additional time granted.

After the game, the president of the Panamanian Soccer Federation, Pedro Chaluja, said they didn’t fail, because they got to a position never achieved before.

The president said the Dely Valdes’s contract would be extended as far as the team would get.


"I don’t want to talk about the game… I still can’t believe what happened. I feel… likeI’m the only one responsable. The players did everything they could to move forward. The players shouldn’t feel guilty at any point for what happened today,” said Dely Valdés after the game.

“There is only one person responsible for what happened, and it was the coach of the Panamanian team. It’s my fault.”

Dely Valdés didn’t want to answer the questions of the media representatives and just said it was his fault.

Besides saying there are some things completely out of his possibilities. “It was a very dramatic game, in which the players must also be wise enough to handle situations that a coach can’t handle at certain moments. But anyway I’m the one to blame.”

The team from Panama played really good during the entire game, but their mistakes had strong repercussions, because they couldn’t handle the result when they were winning 2-1 with only 7 minutes until the game was over. The United States, Costa Rica and Honduras have their spot reserved for the World Cup in Brazil, representing the Concacaf.

Mexico, despite losing their last game, haa the fourth position and will have the right to play against New Zealand in November. (Prensa)

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