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Monday, August 26 2019 @ 02:12 am EDT

Martinelli Will Request A Report On His Trip From Italy

CorruptionPresident Ricardo Martinelli reacted to the article published in La Prensa by the Spanish journalist Juan Solés, based in Rome, in which he said there are witnesses who saw the president near the location where Valter Lavítola is serving house arrest.

Martinelli, through his Twitter account, said he requested Italy –he did not specify who- to provide the details of the trip he took in June to Rome, with the excuse of receiving a scroll of recognition from the FAO. “La Prensa is lying,” said the president.

The Presidency Ministry, Roberto Henríquez, was in Telemetro Reporta this morning, but decided not to talk about Solés statement. “We will not continue feeding the morbidity of La Prensa,” he said.

Henríquez said the Government decided not to say anything about the matter, to avoid feeding the “Italian soap opera,” which is “what La Prensa wants.”

Juan Solés also reported he has been receiving death threats and even bribes in Rome “to point my information in a very precise way.” Henríquez said if the journalist has something to say, to go to the authorities of his country (Spain) or to the Italian authorities, and file his complaint. “We will not continue pleasing La Prensa.”

The official did not talk about the approach between Martinelli and Lavítola last June, when the president traveled to Rome. “As far as I know they didn’t meet,” he said.

On the other hand, the former Attorney General, Rogelio Cruz, said Solés, who is no longer the correspondent of Radio Panama for Lavítola’s case, “succumbed to his fears regarding his family and personal safety.” Solés covered this topic for 14 months.

Cruz said the investigation should be reopened in Panama. A court ordered its dismissal, after a request from the Public Prosecutor. The current Attorney General, Ana Belfon, refuses to reopen it, because –she says- she does not investigate “rumors.” Cruz believes its dismissal does not mean it is definitely closed.

“We have to have judgment elements, already opened in Italy, to eventually and in better political circumstances investigate and judge anyone who is responsible,” he said.

The Panameñista deputy, José Luis Varela, said it is necessary to reopen the investigation, to clarify once and for all the contracts granted by the Panamanian government to Finmeccanica, transaction in which Lavítola played an “instrumental” role, according to the Panamanian government. Panama being mentioned in this international corruption case is a complete shame, he said. (Prensa)

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