195 Kilos Of Cocaine Seized In Tole

Saturday, October 26 2013 @ 06:13 PM UTC

Contributed by: Anonymous

Yesterday, units of the National Police seized 195 kilos of cocaine hidden inside of a mule truck with license plate S211796 at the Guabala checkpoint in Tole.

The drugs were hidden in the tires of the truck, in a metal double bottom constructed by the drug traffickers to prevent the drug from being detected," said Commissioner Jose Navarro of the National Police.

The drug was seized when the driver of the mule truck, who's a 25 year old Costa Rican citizen, arrived the police checkpoint and the canine unit detected the drugs.

The raid on the mule was held at the National Police headquarters in David, where the units of the Police Investigation Department found the illegal substances, distributed in 13 truck tires.

The foreigner was placed at the orders of the Drug Prosecutor, where he was interrogated and ​​charged for international drug trafficking.

The truck was traveling from Panama to Central America, according to commissioner Navarro.(La Critica)

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