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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 04:28 pm EDT

The Medical Strike Has Finally Come To An End

Protests & DemonstrationsThe National Medical Negotiating Committee (Comenenal), as well as the nursing unions, health technicians and other workers of the health sector, decided to finalize their strike, which lasted for 36 days, after President Ricardo Martinelli approved Law 89 authorizing and regulating the hiring of foreign doctors in Panama.

Earlier in the day, the National Association of Nurses of Panama (Anip), the National Coordinator of Unions, Health Professionals and Technicians (Conagreprotsa), the National Association of Clinical Laboratory Technicians (Conalac) and since Thursday, the National Association of Practitioners, Auxiliaries and Nursing Technicians (Anpate), had already decided to put an end to the strike.

The settlement of the strike was received by Martinelli at a meeting celebrated in the Peace Chamber of the Government House and was signed by the Health Minister, Javier Javier Díaz; the director of the Social Security Fund, Guillermo Sáez-Llorens; the president of the Health Committee of the National Assembly, Pablo Vargas; the father and guarantor of the Catholic Church, Eusebio Muñoz; the leader of the Comenenal, Domingo Moreno; the president of the Anip; Elidya Espinosa; the leader of Conagreprotsa, Álvaro Lozano; and the leader of Conalac, Jovanna Borace.

In this agreement they decided to go back to work, to recover all the appointments that were missed, to avoid applying any disciplinary or administrative sanctions against those who supported the strike and the refund of salaries, among other points.

This settlement puts an end to a strike that was extended for over a month, and according to the Health Ministry approximately 200 thousand appointments and over 5 thousand surgeries were missed. (Prensa)

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