Residents Of Eastern Panama Protest Due To Lack Of Water Supply

Tuesday, November 05 2013 @ 07:56 pm EST

Contributed by: Anonymous

Today, a group of residents from around 5 different communities in Eastern Panama, protested in the streets due to the lack of clean water and garbage collection in their areas.

The residents have more than five days without water supply and decided to close the main route In Pacora for over two hours.

Residents also used pots, empty water tanks and even old refrigerators to block the street, just to get the attention of the authorities.

After a meeting between officials of the IDAAN and the residents, several trucks arrived to the communities to supply them with water.

According to the IDAAN, the areas of Santa Isabel, el Trébol 1 and 2, Caminos de Omar and Cabra, lack of water supply due to a turbine damage.(TVN)

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