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Sunday, September 22 2019 @ 08:28 am EDT

Nicaraguans Are Being Trafficked In Panama

Immigration IssuesEvery week, or every fifteen days, buses from Nicaragua arrive at the 5 de Mayo plazas, in which immigrants from this country arrive to Panama, and become victims of human trafficking networks.

There buses pretend to be dedicated to touristic activities, and instead they traffic the Nicaraguans in the bus who come camouflaged with businessmen. All this happens because the drivers take advantage of the desperation and poverty of the travelers, who come to Panama hoping for better days.

These extremely old buses, of “excursions,” end up their trip near the 5 de Mayo, right when it gets dark. La Prensa was able to film how the passengers arrive to hotels without any formal control, and whenever there are cops they seem to be unaware of the situation.

This is exactly when the true trip of the Nicaraguans start, who are then sexually exploited and also subject to labor exploitation in Panama.

Those dedicated to this have a highly lucrative business.

Authorities from different security agencies have admitted they’ve been following up several cases, saying they are investigating over a dozen of people who say they are “excursionists,” and their activities are moving forward while control in important areas and borders are still inefficient.

It’s a dangerous trip from Managua to Panama, which is strictly planned by human traffickers, using “coyotes” that operate in Chiriqui.

In the border with Paso Canoas, immigrants and officials also sponsor this drama.

There are signs saying “in Panama labor exploitation and servitude is forbidden,” as well as “the retention of documents,” and these are all over the place. But no one is really interested about their luck. Currently, there isn’t even a registry of those who are “missing;” it’s a secret handled by the Nicaraguan only. (Prensa)

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