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Tuesday, April 23 2019 @ 09:52 PM UTC

Molinar: Note Sent By Crespo Is Only A Suggestion

Schools & EducationThe minister of Education, Lucy Molinar, explained the note sent by the vice minister of Education, Mirna de Crespo, to the Regional director, Federico Castro, about the National Institute, is just a suggestion, contrary to certain people who say their intention is to shut down the school.

In the note issued on October 24, the vice minister Crespo requests Castro “to analyze a valid proposal of eliminating the seventh grade of the National Institute for the year 2014.”

Minister Molinar said this is one of the several suggestions made by Crespo to start a plan in order to rescue “the good reputation of the National Institute.”

Molinar told TVN News they have made 8 to 9 suggestions, among these was to increase the academic level to be accepted in the National Institute, reducing the amount of students per class and evaluating the teachers of the school.

However, Molinar said all these suggestions were presented to the director in charge of the National Institute, and at the end any decision will be taken in consensus with the authorities of the school.

The education Minister said they have no intentions of shutting down the National Institute, but they do want to recover its image.

Even though the note says this decision must be taken as soon as possible to make the necessary readjustments before November 15, Molinar said there isn’t a final date, because these decisions must be consulted first. (TVN)

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