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Sunday, September 22 2019 @ 08:24 am EDT

Doctors Will Go On Strike For 24 Hours

Protests & DemonstrationsResidents and interns from the Santo Tomas Hospital declared a 24-hour strike, protesting for the discounts in their salaries of up to 90%.

Interns and residents consider the discount is unfair because they did not participate in the strike carried out for over a month by different health unions.

"We never left our job and the Government even recognized that it was unfair to give us a discount,” said one of the spokesmen of the doctors on strike.

He also said the Health Ministry called this group for a meeting at 2 in the afternoon, in which they expect to hear positive proposals.

These doctors assisted the specialists who were on strike for over a month by assisting the patients in the hospital wards.

Another doctor said the residents and interns can’t carry out economic activities outside the hospital because this affects them.

Currently, 250 interns and residents are in this condition. (Mi Diario)

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