Pedestrian Bridge In Albrook Costs $6 Million

Monday, December 02 2013 @ 09:40 PM UTC

Contributed by: Anonymous

The pedestrian bridge connecting the Metro station in Albrook with the Albrook Transport Terminal costs approximately $6 million.

This is a stainless steel and concrete structure of 180 meters long and 8 meters wide, representing an estimated cost of approximately $4 thousand per square meter.

The cost of this pedestrian bridge is similar to what the Government invested in the construction of the pay zones of the Metro Bus in El Marañón (approximately $4 million) and Balboa (around $1 million).

The bridge and the station of the Metro are works carried out by the “Consorcio Línea Uno (CLU)” –formed by the companies Norberto Odebrecht and FCC– as part of the contract subscribed with the Panama Metro Secretary. (Prensa)

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