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Tuesday, March 26 2019 @ 10:50 PM UTC

New Animal Species Were Discovered In Donoso

Environmental IssuesAn investigation sponsored by a mining company from Canada which is currently developing a copper mine in the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor in the Caribbean area of Panama, reported an inventory of species, some of them are even new.

"After several years of investigation, the company Minera Panama made the first fauna inventory in the Donoso forests, a document supported by the National Environment Authority (ANAM), which will contribute for locals and foreigners to know more about the rich biodiversity in the area,” says the statement.

The book, called “Discovering the Fauna of Donoso,” part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, talks about 32 species of amphibian, reptiles, birds and butterflies with pictures of them taken in their natural environment.

The book provides “a close look to a wonderful world that most ignore and Minera Panama must protect and inform about the invaluable rich wildlife of our national heritage.”

The firm is a subsidiary from the Canadian company First Quantum Minerals, which is investing $6 billion in the mining project covering 5,000 hectares of Donoso, located in Colon.

The concession of this project has been criticized by environmental groups for decades, who believe this will cause irreparable damage to the environment due to the deforestation and the risk of contamination of rivers and groundwater, after they start extracting copper, a project that will start on 2016.

The Canadian firm says their commitment is “invest part of their resources in scientific investigation in Donoso” which is why they have started an Action Plant for Biodiversity, including the rescue and preservation of animal and plant species from the area.

The statement does not mention the new species that were discovered. (Critica)

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New Animal Species Were Discovered In Donoso
Authored by: ducati on Monday, December 09 2013 @ 07:21 PM UTC

I am very disappointed to hear about the Canadian firm mining for copper (or anything else!) in a 'biological corridor' in Panama. Foreign companies will not hesitate to destroy the natural environment of a designated environmentally significant area anywhere outside of their countries (obviously including Canadian companies). They would not be allowed to do so without rigorous scrutiny in Canada, so they do it in other countries where the laws are weak or non-existant. Canada (and Canadians in general) used to have heightened environmental conciousness, but not any more. Canada has lost much respect around the world because of their Government's poor environmental record. And, these developments are good money-makers for foreign nationals or multi-national companies. But, I believe the long term effects on Panama (and on Panamanians) will be extremely negative unless environmental and development laws and regulations are strengthened and rigorously enforced..