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Saturday, August 24 2019 @ 11:26 am EDT

Punta Chame Residents Ask Judge To Expand Accusations

CorruptionThe Association of Friends of Punta Chame have asked the Fourth Criminal Court to expand the accusations being made in their case to include the former Director of Land Titling of the National Land Management Authority, Anabelle Villamonte, in the case involving her and three others for the granting of free land titles in the community.

The association, assisted by lawyer Donaldo Sousa, presented their request by filing a formal opposition to the prosecutor's opinion in the case, submitted by the Fifth Circuit Prosecutor on 26 July 2013.

In the prosecutor's opinion, the prosecution asked for the prosecution of the accused for the crime of falsification (forgery), but the Punta Chame residents claim they are also guilty of abuse of authority, influence peddling, and crimes against the environment.

According to their appeal, the prosecutor failed in its duty to fully investigate the case by ignoring evidence which support and prove the crimes that were committed.

They warn that the land which was granted to the company Puntabeach Interprises - measuring 9,381 square meters - never ceased being a public property, because when it was awarded it was little more than a sandbank.

What's more, it was an area used for recreation people, and it is also a nesting place for marine species, the basis for the charges of environmental crimes.

As for the offenses of abuse of authority and influence peddling, their appeal alleges there is sufficient evidence in the record which prove the irregularities that were committed.

But the prosecutor Ruth Morcillo dismissed the environmental offenses, arguing that when the land was was transferred it was not a public property, and she also denied the charge of abuse of authority saying summary evidence was not provided.

In addition to Villamonte, José Aristides Calderón, José Eleno Abad, and Marcelino Ramos are also accused in this case.

Editor's Comment: There is no judicial security in Panama. Let me say that again, because this is a very important issue. THERE IS NO JUDICIAL SECURITY IN THE REPUBLIC OF PANAMA! If you remember I broke this case a long time ago, and it's still being fondled by the judicial system. The people who committed these crimes are part of the administration of Ricardo Martinelli. And, the "system" will protect them from harm. Among the people who are getting screwed are American expatriates who purchased "beachfront property" in Punta Chame. They woke up one morning (literally) to find that survey stakes had been driven into the ground on the beach, between their property and the ocean. And, someone was trying to sell the land - effectively creating "new" land between their beachfront lots, and the ocean. The corrupt scumbags at the National Land Authority (ANATI) were exactly the same people who tried to pull a similar thing in Juan Hombron and some of the exact same people were involved. The documents in this case and the Juan Hombron case were practically signed on the same day. And there are a million more details. But what matters in the strategic scheme of things is that there is no judicial security in Panama. That means, if someone in power decides they want to take your shit, your shit is taken. And, there's not a God Damn thing you can do about it. So Fuck You Gringo. Have a nice day, and welcome to the third world. Surprised? Why? We screw our own people over, so why should you be any different?

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Punta Chame Residents Ask Judge To Expand Accusations
Authored by: pepeclaus on Tuesday, January 07 2014 @ 07:52 pm EST

Sadly, I have to agree with the conclusion that there is no "judicial security" in Panamá. It is a sad state of affairs. There is only one branch of government: Martinelli. Things will probably spiral downward before they get better. Dark, dark, clouds on the horizon!