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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 04:53 am EDT

SINAPROC Launches "Operation Safe Summer"

Safety & SecurityThe National Civil Protection System (SINAPROC) today announced the start of their "Safe Summer 2014" plan as of 1 January, during which they will take charge of 27 swimming areas at beaches and rivers where many people go to swim.

At a press conference at their Operations Center in Aguadulce, Cocle province, the SINAPROC announced the plan involving 800 staff members and volunteers, including lifeguards, first aid providers, and paramedics.

This SINAPROC coverage will continue through the last Sunday school holiday on 23 February, and then they will resume control of the beaches later, during the Easter holidays.

Coverage hours will be from 8 am to 5 pm, however swimmers must leave the beaches at 4 pm.

At the conference it was reported that the use of "four wheelers" (ATV's) is prohibited on beaches, and "jet ski" watercraft will have to be used at least 50 meters from the beach.

Coolers containing glass bottles will not be allowed on the beaches. And it was announced that this year they will be strictly enforcing the laws that regulate the uses of beaches and swimming areas.

Meanwhile the head of the SINAPROC Arturo Alvarado said "the beaches are not bars, and the rights of parents who wish to spend the day at the beach with their children must be respected. There should not be any bad example caused by intoxicated persons."

The most popular beaches are Gorgona, La Boquilla (Panamá), and Las Lajas (Chiriquí), and among the most visited rivers are Pacora and Cabobré in the district of Panama. The SINAPROC will deply more than 200 people to these areas.

Lifeguards will cover the main points; in the province of Bocas del Toro: Isla Colón, Playa La Estrella and Boca del Drago, in Chiriquí Grande, Río Punta Peña and in Changuinola under the Puente Bonyic.

For the province of Cocle, there will be coverage at Playa Santa Clara, Farallon and Juan Hombrón.

In Colon, the SINAPROC have presence in Isla Grande and La Guaira , while in Chiriquí, they will be in will be in Playa Las Mellizas, La Barqueta, Estero Rico and Las Lajas.

In the Darien Operation Safe Summer will cover La Palma, Punta Alegre and Acapulco, Yaviza Río Chico and Setegantí.

In the Azuero SINAPROC will cover Playa Monagre, El Rompío and Los Guallaberos, El Uverito and El Arenal.

There will also be SINAPROC units in Veraguas , specifically in Playa Torio y Reina and in Soná, Playa Arrimadero.

In the Western part of the province of Panama SINAPROC will cover Gorgona, Canadian, Montaner, Hayes and Muelle; Boquilla, La Posa and Serena; Punta Barco and El Palmar.

In Panamà they will cover Puente del Río and la Toma de Agua.

There were 135 "socio-natural" events in 2012, and 78 in 2013. (TVN)

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