Moscoso Doesn't Fear Panameņista Reprisals

Wednesday, March 12 2014 @ 07:44 pm EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

The former president Mireya Moscoso said she does not fear possible disciplinary proceedings that will be opened internal to the Panameņista political party, after she openly announced her support for the Cambio Democratico candidate José Domingo Arias.

Moscoso met this afternoon with some of her former collaborators. She was apparently seeking additional support for Arias.

Among those at the meeting were the former Minister of Education Doris Rosas de Mata, the former Health Minister Fernando Gracia, and the former Minister of Economy and Finance Norberto Delgado, among others. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: Moscoso can still gather together a handful of votes and political supporters. I'm sure all of the people who attended this meeting held in public were already planning to support Arias anyway - but by showing up with Moscoso they place themselves on her "team" as it were. And it doesn't matter what the leadership of the Panameņista party thinks about Moscoso. The party's candidate Juan Carlos Varela is the party President, and obviously he's going to be pissed off by Moscoso's move. In reality she's just hitting him with some payback for his earlier maneuvers to take control of the party. Varela is not going to win, and the Panameņista party is pretty much "deader'n Arnulfo" anyway - so who cares? All of the really smart Panameņistas left a long time ago, anyway. They are now waving either CD or MOLIRENA flags...

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