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Sunday, September 22 2019 @ 07:51 am EDT

Prosecutor Asks For Case Against Moulanier To Be Dismissed

Law & LawyersThe Seventh Circuit Prosecutor asked a judge to dismiss defamation charges against Felix Moulanier, the youth leader of the opposition Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), following a complaint filed by the former Director of the National Lottery Emilio Somoza Valdés.

Sources within the Public Ministry said the request was sent to the judge at the end of February, after the prosecutor came to the conclusion there was insufficient evidence to determine a crime had been committed.

Somoza filed the complaint containing charges of defamation in January based on the events that occurred at the National Lottery, after Moulanier said publicly he was pressured to join the MOLIRENA political party.

In the complaint, Somoza said he was offended by Moulanier's statements, who accused Somoza of having attempted to bribe him with $50,000 in return for abandoning the PRD and joining the MOLIRENA party.

Moulanier said the discussions about the alleged bribery attempt took place in the offices of the National Lottery.

Editor's Comment: Remember this story? This was the one where the PRD guy Moulanier walks into a press conference that was called by the MOLIRENA guys at the front door of the Electoral Tribunal. He was supposed to be announcing that he had quit the PRD and joined the MOLIRENA party. However (surprise!) when the cameras were rolling, instead he publicly denounced Somoza and others for having attempted to buy him with cash and other things like jobs for friends and family members. The MOLIRENA guys who were there - now shocked - rolled up their political banners and slinked off. Somoza resigned from his position at the National Lottery in disgrace. He fired off this lawsuit when the thing first broke, and now it's going to be dismissed. Mostly because there's no "crime against honor" when the facts being presented are just that - facts. Moulanier wasn't making stuff up, he was just sucker punching a politician in public, and beating him at his own game. No crime in that. But this whole thing did serve to demonstrate the lengths to which they are willing to go in order to get people to switch from one side to the other.

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