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Sunday, April 21 2019 @ 08:05 PM UTC

Lucy Molinar Calls Upon Teachers To Stay At Their Jobs on Friday

Schools & EducationA teachers union has made a call for a march on Friday, but the Minister of Education Lucy Molinar asked the teachers to remain on the job, but this has been rejected by the educators.

Molinar thinks it is unfair that students will miss classes as a result of the teacher's march, who have already asked parents to not send their children to schools on Friday.

"I respect their rights, but clarify, their duties should come first and their rights after," Molinar said.

Regarding the wage increase, Molinar said the idea is to do a self-assessment for educators.

She said the teachers in the province of Chiriqui will be the first to receive this wage increase because some schools in this province have already begun the self-assessments .

Educator Gloria Lopez wants the $300 wage increase to be paid without having to do the self evaluation, and the rest of the money should go towards making improvements in the schools. (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: You have to give a lot of credit to Lucy Molinar. She has been fighting battles with these deeply entrenched teachers union (idiots) since day one. She is completely and totally focused on trying to improve the entire education system to the benefit of the students - not so much the teachers who work in the system. For too long, those who were getting paychecks were making all of the decisions on how things are done, and the students suffered. So now the government has agreed to give them pay increases, but these "self evaluations" are a requirement in order to receive the raise. So now the never ending dirtbags are protesting (and refusing to work) because they don't want to complete the self evaluations. Why? Because it will expose them for what they really are - substandard. Keep it up, Lucy. You're fighting the good fight.

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Lucy Molinar Calls Upon Teachers To Stay At Their Jobs on Friday | 1 comments | Create New Account
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Lucy Molinar Calls Upon Teachers To Stay At Their Jobs on Friday
Authored by: spick5a on Tuesday, March 25 2014 @ 02:27 PM UTC

Some school administrators who are in charge of the schools do not want to follow the steps to make self evaluation possible because they are associated with political the Opposition Party. So it is all about partisan politics at the expense of the teachers. Meanwhile as a result of this, teachers will not be getting paid in a timely manner. This apparently can go on for some time.

For example, where I teach, my school administrator or principal has not discussed the first time. Other schools in the area, however, are becoming compliant quickly in order for teachers to receive their deserved salary increases. It seems that this administrator is not intending to cooperate since this is a Government or CD initiative.

This is greatly unfair and teachers are being victimized by pathological political differences by some in authority that are extreme to the extent in which teachers cannot receive promised compensation. Politics ought to be kept out of the promised salary increases for teachers.