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Tuesday, March 26 2019 @ 12:01 PM UTC

ANAM Confiscates Illegal Wood

Environmental IssuesMore than 80 pieces of tree trunks (logs) of Cocobolo and Kira were found on private land in the districts of La Pintada and Penonomé, and although so far there have been no arrests for this environmental crime, the authorities have a suspect and the investigation has started.

The wood was found at Cañaveral in Otoal, and in El Potrero of La Pintada on rented land, so it is being investigated to see if these people are repeat offenders in the crime of illegally cutting protected species, logging, and the timber trade.

The wood was confiscated by ANAM which will later be auctioned, while the complaint will be filed with the Public Ministry to continue with the legal proceedings. (TVN)

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