San Felipe Fire Leaves At Least Two Killed, Others Missing, Many Injured and Homeless

Monday, March 31 2014 @ 12:41 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

Last night, at approximately 8:00 pm a fire started in the building located in 9th Street, La Terraza, San Felipe.

The Fire Department needed help and support from other entities.

The Director of the Fire Department said they found it difficult to get to the scene due to the narrow streets in San Felipe, and because some vehicles were improperly parked.

Two people died - a mother and daughter - Angelina Romero, 64, and her 17 year old daughter Angelina Flores.

Another two adults and two children have been reported as missing.

It is being said a total of 37 families have been made homeless by this fire.

Initially, the firemen had problems with water, so they needed the support of other units.

They continue to investigate the cause of the fire. (Panama America)

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