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Sunday, September 22 2019 @ 08:39 am EDT

Teachers Union Will Strike On Friday Over Wage Issues

Protests & DemonstrationsAfter a week of picketing, the teachers' unions announced they will walk off the job in a "militant" strike this Friday, April 11, demanding a general salary increase.

Union leader Yadira Pino reiterated their rejection of the raise proposed by the government which includes a plan to improve the overall education system, saying a raise cannot be conditioned on the work of the entire team.

Pino said those types of conditions are unfair and discriminatory, saying the $300 granted by the government should be a bonus, rather than an adjustment to the base salary.

At the beginning of the school year, the Government announced broad plan of improvements to the educational system.

This plan included a salary scale for teachers.

And as part of the plan there would be a program of institutional evaluation to be conducted every three years.

Highly performing teachers would be rewarded with a salary increase of $300 every three years, spread out over the coming nine years. During this time the Panamanian government intends to consolidate this process, and transform the Panamanian public education system. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: So, the public school teachers don't like the idea that they will be evaluated, and those evaluations will be used to determine whether or not they get a raise. The fact of the matter is - most of these entrenched union school teachers are not worth a crap. They just slog into work every day, puke up the same old garbage they've been spewing for decades, and the kids don't learn anything.

Lucy Molinar came up with this plan to "transform" the Panamanian public education system. And transforming the system has to start with MAKING the teachers perform at a higher level. I mean, it's hard for me to put into words exactly how screwed up the current system is. Lucy knows what needs to be done. Everyone knows. And the bullshit teachers union is resisting. Fine. Whatever. Declare their strike illegal, fire them, and hire replacements.

And then of course there's the issue of timing. They are timing this for now - because most of these rabid union teachers support the FAD presidential candidate Gerardo Lopez of the SUNTRACS construction union. There's a relatively small group of hardcore left wing radicals who faithfully turn out for every commie organized pep rally, paid for by Venezuela. Hugo Chavez (now a dead commie) started this program of funding left wing radicals throughout Latin America, and his successor Maduro (not yet dead commie) has continued his plan. So, most of these "striking" union teachers will probably get a $20 bill for showing up or something...

One more thing. This teachers union does not enjoy 100% support from among the rank and file. Every time they try to do anything like this, there's a large number of teachers who show up to work anyway, who don't support the strike.

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