"A Person Who Steals Credit For A Project Is Capable Of Stealing Anything, From Anyone" - Martinelli

Friday, April 11 2014 @ 04:18 pm EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

The President of the Republic, Ricardo Martinelli expressed his discomfort with statements made by the candidate of the Panameņista political party Juan Carlos Varela, who said that if he wins the election he will continue to build the Metro subway project.

Martinelli said Varela refused to accept the position as the Director of the Metro, or to be the Minister of Social Development at the start of his administration, and since he refused the position when he now says he will "put the interests of the people first" then in fact he's "lying about everything."

"Varela campaigned against the expansion of the Panama Canal, and now he says he will put the people first. That's just another lie," wrote Martinelli.

Earlier Martinelli wrote via Twitter "whoever steals the credit for a project is capable of stealing anything from anyone. In politics I have never seen so many lies being told for (a project someone else can actually take credit for.)"

It should be pointed out that the presidential candidate from the Panmeņista political party Juan Carlos Varela has taken credit for many of the projects recently inaugurated by the administration of President Martinelli.  

Among them are the construction of the Panama Metro, the "120 for 70" social program, and the housing projects in Curundú, among others.  

Similarly, the presidential candidate of the opposition Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) Juan Carlos Navarro said the idea of ​​building a subway came from their party. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Both Varela and Navarro know they're toast. They simply cannot compete with all of the stuff Martinelli has built. So, they are reduced to trying to claim credit for things they did not do themselves. In short, now at the end of the political campaign season and with the election date looming just 23 days away - they are getting desperate.

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