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Sunday, March 24 2019 @ 10:01 PM UTC

Ayu Prado Asks The US For Help To Implement The "Adversarial" System

Law & LawyersThe Board of Directors of the Supreme Court of Panama asked for help from the State Department of the United States, to continue implementing the new "adversarial" system in the judiciary.

The request was formalized during a meeting held on 16 April 2014 in Washington DC, between the President of the Supreme Court José Ayú Prado, the Vice President of the Supreme Court Luis Ramón Fábrega, and the Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Commission for the Control and Abuse of Drugs, Paul Simons.

They also talked about corruption. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: I would just like to point out that the La Prensa newspaper today did not have a single word in print, about the slowly developing "Varela Gate" scandal. Not a word. Like, it's not even happening. The only thing they've printed thus far have been articles attempting to support the position of "their" candidate. They've attacked the source of information. They've printed Varela's statements denying it all. Further proof that there really are no independent news media outlets in the Republic of Panama - besides me, of course.

For the record, I like Martinelli because he gets stuff done. He's done a lot of stealing to be sure. But, they all do so it's not like you can get rid of corruption by changing from one horse to another. If you simply accept the corruption as a part of the landscape that you can't get rid of and move on, then the next thing is productivity and efficiency. And on those scales of measure, Martinelli has been kicking ass. So, he might be a crook, but at least he gets shit done...

And yeah, the Supreme Court wants more money from the United States to implement the new adversarial system. And the US answered by saying "let's talk about corruption." Meaning (in diplo-speak) "we're not going to give you more money, if it's going to get stolen and misappropriated." Said with a smile and a warm handshake, of course. That's what I don't like about diplomats. They are way too diplomatic for me. The words that come out of their mouth is "we're so glad you stopped by" when the real message is "go fuck yourself." I prefer the direct approach.

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