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Thursday, November 15 2018 @ 11:27 AM UTC

18 Restaurant Customers (Some Expats) Robbed At Gunpoint in Panama City

Crime & PunishmentEighteen customers of the Os Segredos Da Carne restaurant were robbed at gunpoint by three armed criminals on Tuesday night.

While escaping, they shot the security officer who was working at the Embassy of India in both legs, when he tried to thwart the robbery.

The incident occurred at 10:30 pm on Tuesday on Ave. Federico Boyd in Bella Vista, where the Brazilian restaurant is located.

Early reports indicate several customers, among them both Panamanians and foreigners, were enjoying a nice evening.

Suddenly three men stormed the premises with guns in hand.

One of the offenders stayed at the front door, and the other two went to the cash register.

When they didn't find any cash, they began to rob the eighteen customers who were there.

They took cash, jewelry, cell phones and other belongings.

When they tried to flee, the 54 year old security officer fired warning shots, but he was hit by gunfire in the left thigh and right leg.

The criminals fled the scene in a light blue Hyundai Accent, and a Toyota Yaris taxi.

The wounded man was taken to the Santo Tomas Hospital.

The complaint was lodged with the Directorate of Judicial Investigation (DIJ ). (Critica)

Editor's Comment: Well, someone got released from prison. A few years ago there was a rash of these sorts of "steal from the customers in a restaurant" crimes. Someone got arrested and sent to prison, and they stopped for a long time. Now apparently that guy has been release, so here we go again.

"Warning shots?" That's friggin' stupid. If you're going to use deadly force, use it right. So while this guard was using his weapon as a noise maker, the bad guys were trying to kill him. Bad call. If you're going to engage, engage. If that security guard had dropped a couple of those guys, he would have gotten a pat on the back.

If you ever happen to find yourself noshing on whatever with your favorite squeeze and all of a sudden there's a bunch of dudes with guns - hit the floor and follow their orders. Give up everything with no resistance. Better to lose your wallet and watch than your life.

So think about that - just how screwed would you be if you suddenly lost your wallet. Do you have a photocopy of every card that's in there - front and back? How hard would it be for you to recreate the entire contents of your wallet, get replacement credit cards, dial the 1-800 numbers to turn off cards, etc? Think like a Boy Scout and be prepared.

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18 Restaurant Customers (Some Expats) Robbed At Gunpoint in Panama City | 1 comments | Create New Account
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18 Restaurant Customers (Some Expats) Robbed At Gunpoint in Panama City
Authored by: FIVEBOY on Friday, April 18 2014 @ 10:53 PM UTC

I seem to notice that very often taxis are involved as escape vehicles. Dont they have registration numbers? Does anyone ever get a lic plate!? Why do I feel like the customers still were asked to pay for the meal?